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Foam Jacking & Injection

Polyurethane Foam Jacking, Injection, Void Fill

At A-1 Remodeling & Building, we can raise concrete slabs and level them by means of polyurethane foam injection or Polyurethane slab jacking. We can also fill voids under concrete slabs, behind bulkheads, under foundations and in those hard to reach areas. This process is excellent for prevention of soil erosion; lifting, leveling, water proofing and shoring of those areas that at one time were too costly or nearly impossible to get to.

Polyurethane foam jacking & Polyurethane void fill is replacing mud jacking due to its speed and versatility. It is a process of pumping polyurethane foam under the ground through a drilled hole 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch in diameter. As the foam expands, it fill holes & cavities with dense closed cell foam. Once the soil is compacted and the void is filled, the slab begins to lift. With mud jacking, this could take days to dry and in some cases would need to be done again due to shrinkage. With polyurethane foam jacking it dries quickly and can be driven on in minutes.


We used this technique of Polyurethane void fill in the New Orleans French quarter. We injected polyurethane foam through the slab of a high-rise hotel & restaurant building that would flood during rain events. Once the foam was injected, the water intrusion never happened again. A-1 Remodeling & Building employees contained the work area, injected the polyurethane void fill foam through a wall during business hours so no flooring needed to be removed and the business was able to stay open without shutdown.


A-1 Remodeling & Building uses polyurethane jacking foam and polyurethane injection foam in a number of ways.


We inject the slow rise polyurethane closed cell foam under foundations, through bulk heads or retaining wall to fill voids, under roads, driveways, and under structures in and areas that may be hard to reach or cannot be shut down for long periods of time like roads or businesses.We use polyurethane jacking foam and void filling foam where you can see voids under the foundation and sometimes when you can‘t see them but you know they are there due to settlement or water intrusion. We also inject polyurethane foam into the ground to help compact the existing soil and fill voids. This sometimes may be referred to as soil stabilization.

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