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Structural Repairs & Helical Pilings

Structural Repair

We do all types of structural repairs on homes and businesses including wood and metal beam replacement, adding more beams, wall removal, pier and piling replacement, and soil stabilization with polyurethane foam. The A-1 Remodeling & Building team can also contain an area and work in areas that cannot be closed down such as a commercial building.

Foundation Repair

A1 Remodeling can help if your home or building needs foundations repairs.  We are experts in installing pilings, piers, foundation pads, continuous footings, chain walls, helical pilings, segmented pilings, soil stabilization methods, drainage installation, and sill beam replacement. At A-1 Remodeling & Building we can do this right on staff.

Helical Pilings

Before we start the process of leveling a home, we take elevations throughout the structure. A-1 Remodeling & Building employees install temporary safety cribbing to help support the home during the house leveling. Then, we install our home leveling equipment.

We raise or elevate the lowest sections of the house to meet up with then next lowest elevations of the house and so on until we reach the highest or original elevation of the house.  After that, we repair the foundation by adding in extra piers and foundation pads or repair rotten wood sills and beams.

We can also raise concrete slabs and level them by means of foam injection. We can fill voids under concrete slabs, behind bulkheads, under foundations and in those hard to reach areas. This process is excellent for the prevention of soil erosion, lifting, leveling, water proofing and shoring of those hard to reach areas. Our staff is equipped and ready to begin any foam injection projects.

In some cases we install drainage if necessary to help maintain your new foundation.

House Leveling

Helical pilings are also known as screw piles. We have a computerized helical piling system that tells us the torque on the piling; which in turn tells the house how much weight a piling can hold. This allows you to know your new home, foundation, bulkhead or custom project will stay in place just like the first day it was built. Helical pilings also come in galvanized steel. We also install concrete segmented pilings & wood pilings when needed.

At A-1 Remodeling & Building, when it comes to new foundations and foundation repairs, we offer all of the latest technology.  Helical pilings are just one of the many options we offer.

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