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House Raising & Home Elevation Grants

House Raising, Elevation, Structure Moving

At A1 Remodeling, we have vast experience in elevating, lifting, raising & leveling homes and structures.  We own and utilize a 24 Point, 2 speed, unified jacking system with zoning packages; which is one of the largest and most heavily optioned unified jacking machines in the US.  We also have many other types of lifting and leveling equipment to help you. We are licensed for Rigging on staff.

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Most home elevation grants offer three basic types of home raises or elevations, as follows:

1. The open foundation or “raised pier house” raise or elevation
This is where the home or structure is built on pilings or piers. A1 Remodeling will install beams under the home ,as necessary, unbolt and/or disconnect the piers or pilings, and raise or elevate the house or structure to accommodate the new flood zone. We then build a new foundation to support the new height and put the home back onto its new foundation. Finally, we install all decks, stairs landings, etc to complete the job.

2. Slab raise
This is where we excavate under the structure and install pilings under the home. Once the home is securely resting on its new pilings, we raise the structure to its new flood zone required height. We then install the new home foundation and rest the home back on its new foundation. Finally, we install all decks, stairs landings etc…

3. Slab separation raise
This is where we disconnect the existing house from a concrete slab due to possible issues with the existing concrete foundation. We raise the house by installing a frame of supports around the house. Our experienced team will then raises the structure to the new elevation of the home. After it has reached its required height we build a new floor system and new piers. Last we install all decks, stairs landings etc…

Sometimes you may have a combination of the three types of house raises.

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